1. In order to proceed to the design of the sampling system (tender para 5 II 1) we must deliver the Greek grid plan at least those of 150 KV network and 20 KV network. We presume that all these plans shall be delivered to the contractor by the client.
  2. Please confirm that it is not required to measure current characteristics.
  3. After the design of sampling system prepared by the Contractor and approved by the client there will be a demand to define the exact address of the consumers to be monitored. There will be also a demand for coordination with the P.P.C. to access the measuring devices, to intervene e.t.c. Please explain how do you intend to realize your involvement in coordination and carrying out the above mentioned activity.
  4. In page 39, para 5, the specifications call for IP 65 boxes to be placed outdoor. The analyzers are very expensive equipment to be installed on a non-secured location. Who will guard the equipment against vandalism or thieves?
  5. We assume that it is upon Contractor decision to choose the exact location of the measuring point and will not be forced to locate the devices on poles. Please clarify.
  6. Since the rate of data transferring through the mobile telephone provider is not defined and RAE keeps the right to ask transmission every hour, we assume the mobile network service will be bear by RAE.
  7. We assume that there will be an external access (through VPN connection or direct connection) to the Data Center in order to be able to operate, prepare reports e.t.c. fron the Contractor premises. Please clarify.
  8. It is self understood that para 6 of article 54 of EU directive 2004/17/EK dated 31.03.2004 is applicable.




  1. RAE can provide the Contractor with a general geographic layout (not GIS) of the 150 kV grid developed on the continental country, which includes the 150/20 kV substations that are connected to it. Additionally, data on 150/20 kV substation loads can also be provided (i.e. yearly minimum and maximum load). These data are contained in the 5 year Transmission System Development plan compiled by HTSO, which is publicly available.
  2. As per the project specification (Annex III, paragraph 1 of the tender documents), we confirm the Contractor is required to measure only voltage characteristics, in accordance to EN 50160:1999.
  3. Under paragraph 2 of the tender documents, it is stated that P.P.C. have declared their availability to support the execution of the project. It is understood that apart from the task of meter installation, where P.P.C. involvement and role is obvious, it is up to the Contractor to define tasks where P.P.C. support will be needed and the nature of this support. It is also evident that RAE shall use its best efforts to facilitate the work of the Contractor with respect to its interaction with P.P.C. However, this does not mean that P.P.C. will take upon itself the complete task of meter installation. Of course, the Contractor shall bear the cost of the whole installation equipment needed.
  4. We refer you to paragraph 3 of the project specification (Annex III), where it is stipulated that the Contractor shall be responsible for installing and maintaining the metering apparatus, until these are delivered to RAE in perfect condition and operating normally, upon completion of the project. Furthermore, it is stated that in case of theft or substantial equipment damage (excluding wear and tear from normal equipment use) on part or the whole of the metering apparatus or related equipment during the course of the metering program, the Contractor shall bear the relevant cost.
  5. We confirm that subject to the condition that metering devices are deployed in accordance with the plan approved by RAE (deliverable D.1), the exact location of the metering points on the selected distribution network elements shall be decided by the Contractor.
  6. Metering data retrieval is an integral part of the project to which the Bidder’s financial offer corresponds. It is therefore evident that the Contractor shall be responsible for data retrieval from the metering apparatus during the course of the metering program and shall bear all relevant cost.
  7. Remote access of the Contractor to the Data Collection Center shall be allowed.
  8. By nature of its activities, RAE is not among the contracting entities to which Directive 2004/17/EC applies.