Transmission System Operation Performance

As per the regulatory framework for the operation of electricity market (Law 4001/2011 Article 94 par.2) the Greek TSO is responsible for the monitoring of the Transmission System’s performance in order to maintain the availability of the registered assets, the security of the System and the quality of the services provided.

For this purpose, IPTO publishes on an annual basis a performance report of the Transmission System, presenting specific statistical performance indicators. This report is prepared based on RAE’s requirements, as formulated in the text “Regulatory Instructions for the recording of the Transmission System Operating Performance” (in Greek).

The systematic monitoring (recording and publication) of the operating parameters of the Transmission System is a necessary process in the context of the mechanisms which ensure security of supply and Transmission System’s smooth operation. It is therefore a critical component of the quality of consumer supply and is inextricably linked to the efficiency of competitive parts of the electricity market. In more detail, the process of recording the performance of the Transmission System will allow:

  • The monitoring of Transmission System’s operating parameters in a transparent manner
  • The overall recording of Transmission System’s components as well as its evolution over time
  • The creation of a reference data base so that the monitoring of the relevant quantities over time is possible
  • The systematic analysis of the non-service cases of Users (producers and consumers) and the evaluation of priorities in terms of design, development and maintenance
  • The collection of data for the investigation of both the parameters and their realistic values ​​for the future design of incentive or penalty mechanisms in relation to the performance of the Transmission System

IPTO – data & Transmission System Operation Performance Reports (in Greek)