Distribution of natural gas, as a monopolistic activity, was separated from the natural gas supply sector with the Law 4336/2015.

According to the abovementioned Law, the following entities were created:

  • EDA Attikis, as the owner and the operator of Attica’s network
  • EDA Thessalonikis-Thessalias, as the owner and the operator of the networks of Thessaloniki Municipality and Thessaly region (two operators merged into one company)
  • DEDA, as the owner and the operator of the remaining networks

If one of the companies above does not plan to construct a network in a specific municipality of its region, a third entity can request a distribution license in the relevant municipality according to Article 80c of Law 4001/2011.

The distribution license is provided according to the provisions of Licensing Regulation for Natural Gas. The holder of the distribution license and owner of the network shall apply to RAE for certification according to the Ownership Unbundling model and then request a Distribution Network Operation license according to Articles 80d-f of Law 4001/2011, as amended by Law 4602/2019 (Gazette Α’ 45/9.3.2019).