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A basic principle for competition is that the electricity network access is offered to users (consumers and producers), in a transparent, non-discriminatory and reasonably priced manner upon their request. The network access concept includes the connection of the user facilities to electricity networks and his right to absorb or inject electricity in the network.

For the fulfillment of the above basic condition, a framework of regulated access to the electricity distribution networks was established with the provisions of Law 4001/2011 (Gazette Α’179/22.08.2011). This framework ensures that the terms and conditions, the methodology and the criteria as well as the unit charges for the user connection to the distribution networks are approved and publicized by RAE.

The general framework for users’ connection to the Hellenic Electricity Distribution System is defined in Hellenic Electricity Distribution System Operation Code, the Network Access Manual and Connection Charges Manual, based on which the connection charges are set. The Codes, Manuals and the connection charges are calculated and approved by RAE. RAE also approves the service charges provided by the DSO which are not directly related to the network usage, for example taking meter readings and the deactivation/deactivation of the consumer meters.

This section includes RAE Decisions as well as other information and data regarding the development and implementation of the above framework, the users’ connection to the distribution networks, as well as the provision of other services by the network Operator, per user request. More specific issues related to RES network integration and network congestion are included in a separate section.


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