Map of RES electricity generation of Europe

The Regulatory Authority for Energy provides consumers and all participants in the energy markets with the possibility to be informed on the generation of renewable electricity with four maps.

The above maps show the following data for each country on a daily basis:

1. The percentage of penetration of the total generation from RES in terms of domestic load demand (RES penetration)

2. The amount of electricity produced by all installed RES

3. The amount of electricity produced by Photovoltaic systems (PV generation)

4. The amount of electricity produced by wind systems (WIND generation)


• Countries for which there are complete data availability are marked in color on the maps.

• The total RES production is taken as the sum of the electricity produced in accordance with the categorization reflected in the transparency platform of the European Network of Electricity Transmission System Operators (ENTOSe Transparency Platform) from the following sources: Hydroelectricity, Biomass, Geothermal, Wind (onshore & offshore), Photovoltaics and other forms of RES.

service provided to the Hellenic Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE)

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