RAE Arbitration

In accordance with the provisions of article 37 of Law 4001/2012, a permanent arbitration mechanism has been organized in the RAE to resolve disputes between persons active in the energy sector in any way, as well as disputes between eligible Customers, -as they are defined in the provisions of Law 4001/2012- and companies that carry out Energy Activities, but also any dispute that arises between the above persons from the application of the relevant national and European legislation.

The arbitration is conducted before a three-member arbitral body, which is composed of persons included in a list of arbitrators and co-arbitrators, which is drawn up every two years, by decision of the President of RAE. The list includes members of RAE, members of Technical Chambers and Bar Associations, as well as professors of Higher Education Institutions of any level, with specialized knowledge in disputes subject to RAE arbitration.

You can access the full text of the RAE Arbitration Rules in Decision 261/2012 here.

The list of arbitrators and co-arbitrators can be found here.

More information on arbitration can be found here.