Natural Gas

In Greece, natural gas is imported through three Entry Points of the National Natural Gas Transmission System, namely Sidirokastro (Greece-Bulgaria border), Kipi (Greece-Turkey border) and Agia Triada (entry point from Revythoussa LNG terminal, in the area of ​​Megara Attica).

Accordingly, the natural gas is received by Transmission Users at 44 Exit Points of the Transmission System, including the Reverse Flow Exit Point “Sidirokastro”, through which Greece imports natural gas, while exports natural gas to the transmission system of Bulgaria. For the year 2019, natural gas imports amounted to 57.7 TWh, marking an increase of 9.4% compared to the year 2018 (52.7 TWh).

The total consumption of natural gas in the year 2019, as derived from the receipts of natural gas from the National Gas Transmission System, amounted to 57.6 million MWh (4.9 billion cubic meters per year), showing an increase of of 10%, in relation to the corresponding consumption of the year 2018, which amounted to 52.45m. MWh (4.7 billion cubic meters per year).