Independent Systems

Independent Natural Gas System: A natural gas system that is not part of the National Natural Gas System (NNGS) regardless if there is a connection between them. Holders of an Independent Natural Gas License have the right to construct, own and, in the case of an underground gas storage facility (UGS), use the independent system. The Independent Natural Gas License is granted only to the legal entities by a Decision of RAE, according to the provisions of law 4001/2011 and the Natural Gas Licenses Regulation.

RAE defines and monitors the regulatory framework for the construction and operation of the Independent Natural Gas Systems (Administration Code, Tariff Regulation, Certification, etc.) based on European regulations and national law. In case an Independent Natural Gas System stems through more than one country, RAE cooperates with the relevant national regulatory authority of that country.

  • Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)

The basic regulatory parameters for the Users’ access to the TAP pipeline were defined in the “Final Joint Opinion (FJO) of the Energy Regulators on TAP A.G.’s Exemption Application: Autorita per l’energia elettrica e il gas (Italy), Enti Rregullator i Energjise (Albania), Ρυθμιστική Αρχή Ενέργειας (Greece)”. The FJO constitutes the Exemption Decision of the pipeline according to article 36 of Directive 2009/73/EC from the provisions of articles 9, 32 and 41 (6), (8) and (10) of the same Directive and was approved by RAE Decision 269/2013. The conditions that were set for the TAP pipeline, as a result of the cooperation of the three national regulatory authorities, as well as their cooperation with European Commission and the Energy Community, safeguard in the best possible way the competition within the European single energy market.

  • Interconnector Greece – Bulgaria (IGB)

The regulatory framework of the IGB pipeline was set out in the Exemption Decision which was jointly developed by the national regulatory authorities of Greece and Bulgaria, following the European Commission’s Decision [C(2018) 5058 final]/25.07.2018. The Exemption Decision was approved by RAE with Decision 768/2018. Based on the Exemption Decision, the Administration Code and the Tariff Regulation of the pipeline were also jointly approved by the two NRAs.

  • Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FRSU) in Agioi Theodoroi, Korinthia