NNGS User Registry

The right to use the National Natural Gas System and the Distribution Networks is available to those registered in the NNGS User Register. Users are registered by RAE in this Register, upon submission of a relevant application: (a) the Suppliers, (b) the Eligible Customers, for the quantities of Natural Gas that they are supplied and (c) any person who provides sufficient guarantees of financial solvency and technical competence.

RAE examines the applications for registration in the NNGS User Registry in accordance with the provisions of the NNGS User Registry Regulation (Gazette B’451/2010) and decides whether or not to enroll the applicants in the Registry. After the enrolment to the Registry, an entity has the right to sign a transmission or/and an LNG infrastructure utilization contract with DESFA according to the Standard Contracts or/and a contract for utilization with natural gas network Operators.

You can view the relevant Registry Files here:

December 2022 [xls]
November 2022 [xls]
September 2022 [xls]
June 2022 [xls]
December 2020 [xls] [pdf]