Security of Supply (N.G.)

With Regulation (EU) 994/2010, measures for natural gas security of European Union were established as it imposes a series of obligations on member states for the improvement of security of supply for natural gas, which includes:

  • The assignment of a competent authority for its implementation
  • The elaboration of the risk assessment study in terms of security of gas supply
  • The examination of the need to activate permanent natural two-way capacity flow at interconnections with other member states
  • Ensuring sufficient capacity to meet maximum demand following the loss of the largest gas entrance infrastructure (Infrastructure Rule)
  • Ensuring the supply of “protected consumers” under extreme temperatures or at extremely high demand periods of time
  • Ensuring the supply of ” protected consumers” in the event of disruption of the larger integrated gas infrastructure under average winter conditions (Supply Rule)
  • The establishment of a preventive action plan and an emergency plan
  • The strengthening of regional cooperation during the designing of the above plans and during the management of supply crises.

With the provision of Article 12 of Law 4001/2011, RAE has been nominated as the Competent Authority for the implementation of Regulation 994/2010.

Regulation (EU) 2017/1938 substituted Regulation 994/2010, underlining regional cooperation and solidarity in the security of supply sector.

Risk Assessment Study

Preventive Action Plan 2018 (Preventive Action Plan 2020 – in consultation)

Emergency Plan