System development

The Operator of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (ESMIE) prepares and publishes a Ten-Year Development Plan of ESMIE (TYNDP) every year, in accordance with the provisions of articles 14, 94, 108 and 108a of Law 4001/2011 (Gazette A’ 179/22.8.2011 (in Greek)) as in force and in accordance with the provisions of Section 8, Part A of the Recast of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System Operation Code, which was approved by Decision RAE 1412/2020 (Gazette B’ 4658/22.10.2020(in Greek)).

Specifically, the TYNDP identifies the main transmission infrastructure to be constructed or upgraded over the next ten (10) years, including the necessary projects for RES penetration, with due account of the following objectives:

  • Improving the level of security of supply and increasing transmission capacity and reliability limit of ESMIE, as well as technological improvements.
  • The removal of the technical restrictions set by the operating limits of the ESMIE assets, and in particular the systematic Cross-Zonal Transmission Restrictions of ESMIE.
  • The provision of immediate access to ESMIE as soon as possible for new users, in the context of the obligations for providing uninterrupted access to third parties to ESMIE in accordance with European Law.
  • Strengthening the transmission ability of existing interconnectors and development of new interconnectors.
  • Reduction of power losses on ESMIE.

For each project included in the TYNDP, a technical description is incorporated therein, which defines the basic design elements, as well as its implementation schedule. In addition, within the framework of monitoring the set timeline, a progress report of and the reasons for any delays is included.

TYNDP submission procedure by ESMIE Operator and its approval by RAE

By 31 December each year, the Greek TSO prepares a preliminary TYNDP for the period starting on 1st January  of the following year. The preliminary TYNDP is put to public consultation by the Greek TSO for one (1) month. Then, the Greek TSO, taking into account the results of the consultation, makes appropriate amendments to the TYNDP, and submits it to RAE by 31 March.

RAE places the submitted TYNDP in public consultation, according to the current regulatory framework, for one (1) month. RAE then evaluates and publishes the results of the consultation process on its website.

RAE, taking into account the results of the consultation, as well as the obligation of the Greek TSO to ensure uninterrupted access to the Greek System  in the most economical, transparent and direct way and without any discrimination between users or categories of users, may impose modifications and additions that are  deemed based on a reasoned decision necessary to the draft TYNDP .

The Greek TSO shall prepare the final TYNDP draft with due account of RAE’s previous remarks. The final TYNDP draft is resubmitted to RAE for approval. In case of refusal by the Operator to comply with the observations of the Authority, RAE issues the TYNDP with the necessary modifications. RAE may set deadlines for the implementation of the TYNDP, as well as penalty clauses which may fall to the benefit of the users in case of non-compliance with the deadlines.

RAE Acts