In Greece, natural gas is imported through more than four Entry Points of the National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS), namely Sidirokastro (Greece-Bulgaria border), Kipi (Greece-Turkey border), Nea Mesimvria (NGTS connection with TAP) and Agia Triada (entry point from the Liquefied Natural Gas terminal of Revythoussa, in the area of Megara-Attica). Accordingly, the natural gas is received by Transmission Users at 44 Exit Points of the NNGTS, including the Reverse Flow Exit Point “Sidirokastro” through which it is now possible not only to import natural gas into our country, but also to export quantities of natural gas to the connected Bulgarian transmission system. For 2020, natural gas imports amounted to 63.5 TWh, marking an increase of 10.2% compared to 2018 (57.7 TWh).

The total consumption of natural gas in 2019, as recorded by the deliveries of natural gas from the National Gas Transmission System, amounted to 57.6 TWh (4.9 billion cubic meters per year), showing an increase of 10%, compared to the corresponding consumption of 2018, which amounted to 52.45 TWh (4.7 billion cubic meters per year). Greece has not yet developed an organized wholesale market for natural gas, and transactions are based on bilateral contracts between suppliers and end customers with delivery of quantities either at the Virtual Trading Point or at a physical delivery point, in transactions under the natural gas release mechanism on the basis of the commitments undertaken by DEPA S.A. at the end of 2012 before the Competition Commission, and in transactions between Users and the Network Operator for the purchase and sale of balancing gas through the Balancing Platform.