Availability of Resources to meet Electricity Demand

Below you can find the resource availability details for the selected physical delivery date. More specifically, the following are presented per graph:

1. “GR Dispatchable Generation Availability (MW)”: The availability of the distributed generation units is captured by absolute size, as well as as a percentage of the installed capacity.
2. “GR Imports/Exports Availability (MW)”: This shows the availability of imports and exports per border, based on the monthly NTC data, as published on ADMIE’s website.
3. “GR Hourly Availability to Net Load Forecast (MW)”: Shows the hourly availability forecast of resources in comparison with the load forecast and the RES production forecast according to the resolutions of the DEP.

In addition, through the box located in the upper left part of the screen, it is possible to select past dates, in order to display the relevant forecasts for the corresponding day.

In addition, by clicking on the three lines in the upper right part of each chart, a menu is presented through which it is possible to:

– Save the chart as an image (png, jpg) or pdf text or vector graphic (svg)
– Local storage of the raw data of the graph in csv or xls format
– Display a table with the data below the graph