Quality of Service

In view of its statutory competences, RAE supervises the performance of the Greek DSO in terms of three quality components of the provided electricity distribution services:

  • Continuity of supply
  • Voltage quality
  • Customer service quality


Monitoring the quality performance of the services provided by the operator aims at:

  • Informing the consumers about the quality of services provided to them as well as the scope of the quality. The publication of this information serves transparency and makes the users of the network familiar with the level of quality of the services provided.
  • Establishing priorities in relation to the development of the Operator’s infrastructure, the understanding of the quality-cost relationship and the investigation of any relevant options with the goal to serve the needs of the consumers in the best technical and economic way.
  • The collection by RAE of all the necessary information, to define the objectives of the distribution regulatory framework and for the preparation of instructions for recording, processing and verifying the relevant data.


Hellenic Electricity Distribution System Operation Code introduces a regulatory framework for the quality of service, which aims to provide incentives to the DSO to improve the quality of the services offered and ensure a minimum level of service quality, in a cost-efficient way. The details of this regulatory framework are formulated in the relative Manuals and in RAE Decisions. Regarding certain aspects of the quality of service, the DSO’s program “Guaranteed Services” and Ministerial Decision Δ5/ΗΛ/Β/Φ1.10/6636 are considered the starting points.

Quality of Services

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