Regulatory framework

According to Law 4001/2011, the competent bodies involved in the activity of electricity distribution are the Operators and the owners of the distribution networks. The basic regulatory framework is comprised of the licenses which define the terms and conditions for the exercise of the activity by the competent distribution operators,as well as the operation codes of the distribution networks. The codes define terms, procedures, specifications and requirements and regulate all necessary issues and details in relation to the individual components of the distribution and network management activity, i.e.:

  • the design, development, operation and maintenance of networks
  • the access of producers, consumers and suppliers to the network and network administrator services
  • the efficiency of the activity and the quality of services
  • the cost of the activity and its allocation to customers

According to the same law, the operation of the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network (HEDN), owned by PPC S.A., and the distribution of electricity, is carried out by HEDNO S.A. in accordance with the provisions of the HEDNO Operation Code. The provisions of the HEDNO Operation Code are specified in the Implementation Manuals provided in it. The basic regulatory framework and the details of its implementation are established by RAE Decisions following the opinions of the competent distribution bodies. Further implementation details of the Code and the Implementation Manuals, which do not have a financial impact on the network users, are determined by Implementation Guidelines which can be issued by the Network Operator. RAE may impose the amendment of the content of the Implementation Guidelines.

The implementation of the basic regulatory framework is regulated by RAE Decisions which are provided in the HEDNO Operation Code, upon the recommendation of the Network Operator. The main Decisions concern the Methodology for the Calculation of HEDNO’s Required Revenue, the Distribution Regulation Decisions and the determination of network access charges (network connection and use charges), as well as charges for other services provided by the Network Operator after network users and suppliers’ request.

This section contains information on the basic regulatory framework for electricity distribution activity. The decisions for the implementation of the framework are included in the section on the subject matter.

Licenses and Contracts


Accounting Unbundling

Pursuant to the provisions of Law 4001/2011 (Articles 130 and 141), HEDNO shall maintain separate accounts as Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO) and for the Non-Interconnected Islands Electrical Systems (NIIs), as well as for Other Activities. In this context and based on RAE Decision 121/2017, HEDNO is obliged to publish together with its annual financial statements, an accounting unbundled Balance Sheet (Financial Position Statement) and Income Statement.


Compliance Program

HEDNO Operation Code

  • Unofficial Codified Edition
  • Decisions list (adoption & amendments)
RAE DecisionSubjectDescriptionGazette
395/18.10.16Establishment of an Operation Code for the National Electricity Distribution Network (text in Greek)Β’78/20.1.17 (in Greek)
701/3.8.17HEDNO’s “GUARANTEED SERVICES” program settingsΒ’2936/29.08.17 (in Greek)
1238Α/4.9.20Article 95 provision amendments (power thefts)Β’5089/18.11.20 (in Greek)
1442/22.10.20Amendment of meter representation and periodic clearing arrangements for adjustment in accordance with the Balancing Market RegulationΒ’4747/27.10.20 (in Greek)

HEDNO Operation Code Implementation Manuals and Guidelines

*    By 1.11.20, the Metering Management and Periodic Clearance Manual is applied only in the Network of Athens International Airport. Its application to HEDNO is limited to the market clearing process for periods up to 31.10.2020.

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