Permanent RES Competitive Procedures

After the first pilot competitive process in 2016, RAE proceeded to implement the permanent competitive procedures in the period 2018-2020, during which on the one hand the target of 2.6GW that was initially set was exceeded, and on the other hand there was a significant reduction of prices for the benefit of consumers and the national economy.
The competitive procedures carried out by RAE were recognized by the European Court of Auditors as a best practice that enhances transparency and competition.
You can find more information on the Report of the European Court of Auditors here: (RES Note: 1)
You can also see the report with the results of the Competitive tendering procedures for RES stations in the period 2018-2020 carried out by RAE here: Results Report 2018-2020.
You will also find useful the relevant technical video that describes the competitive process of RES projects as designed and implemented by RAE. The video presents the registration process in the information system, the process of submitting an application and supporting documents for participation in accordance with the provisions of each RAE Announcement and the process of the electronic auction. Watch the video here: Tendering and Auction Procedure for RES

Notices 2020
Announcement [4/2020] – RAE Decision 1648/2020 –Gazette B’ 5760/2020

Following the announcement of RAE dated 28/12/2020, that informed the interested parties about the Decision 1648/2020, by which a Joint competitive tendering procedure for RES projects was announced, RAE informed that the Decision in question was published in the Government Gazette and announced the start of submitting applications on 07/01/2021, in accordance with the announcement.
It was noted for the convenience of interested parties that in the Participation Guarantee Letters it is sufficient to refer to Decision 1648/2020.
Each interested party must first register on the online platform:
and then to submit his application and all relevant documents, in accordance with the terms of the Announcement.

The following detailed guides are published for the convenience of the interested parties:

1. Natural Person Registration Guide
2. Company and User Registration Guide
3. Guide to registering a new user in an existing company
4. Guide for submitting an Application for Participation – Declaration of Responsibility and Evidence of Participation

Start of Submission of Applications: Thursday 07 January 2021, 12:00

Deadline for submitting Applications: Monday 22 March 2021, 17:00

Date of Electronic Auction: Monday 24 May 2021, 17:00

Announcement [2-3/2020] –Decision 834/2020 – Gazette B’ 368/2020

• Decision 834/2020 – Gazette B’ 368/2020
• Decision 1132/2020 – Temporary Lists
• Decision 1136/2020 – Final Lists
• Decision 1142/2020 – Results

Announcement [1/2020] – Decision 204/2020 – Gazette B’ 352/2020

Decision 204/2020 – Gazette B’ 352/2020
Decision 260/2020 – Gazette B’ 368/2020 (Amendment of Decision 204/2020)
Decision 1132/2020 – Temporary Lists
Decision 1136/2020 – Final Lists
Decision 1142/2020 – Results

You can also find information on the 2018 and 2019 notices here: (RES note 2)