Aggregated Supply - Demand Curves

Cumulative Anonymous Supply/Demand Curves for the Day-Ahead Market (GR)

The following link displays an interactive chart with the Cumulative Supply (“Sell”) and Demand (“Buy”) Curves of the Day-Ahead Market for each of the market (hourly) products of the delivery day.

The specific Supply/Demand curves take into account all bids leading to the final settlement of the Day-Ahead Market per market time unit (hour), namely:

· Aggregated Anonymous Supply (Sell) / Demand (Buy) Curves

· Block Orders

· Total imports and exports of electricity, taking into account the quantities of energy between the coupled borders, based on the solution of the EUPHEMIA single price coupling algorithm (Net Implicit imports/exports)

Taking into account all the above-mentioned quantities, the point of intersection of the Cumulative Supply/Demand curves defines the Market Clearing Price (MCP).

The chart allows you to select a delivery date and purchase product for the last thirty days.

Sources: ΕNEX

MCP : Τιμή Εκκαθάρισης Αγοράς (TEA)/ Market Clearing Price (MCP).

Offer side : Προσφορά (Supply)/Ζήτηση(Demand) 

Aggregated Quantity: Συγκεντρωτική ποσότητα ισχύος (MW).