Monitoring the operation of the Transmission System in a transparent manner is important for three reasons:

  • The operation of the System affects to a considerable extend the performance of the Electricity Market.
  • The information collected allows the evaluation of System’s condition with the ultimate goal of integrating this evaluation in the planning of the System Development and the management of assets.
  • Maintenance is systematically recorded which is performed and correlated with the performance of the System.

The data disclosure obligations concern both the forecasts before the actual operation and those that were finally implemented. The uncertainties related to Market’s operation are numerous and it is necessary to closely monitor their role to limit the risk of Participants but also to look for ways to improve forecasts’ accuracy.

RAE ensures transparency by monitoring the compliance of the Greek TSO based on regulatory framework requirements (subsection 1.3 of the Recast of the System Operation Code with Gazette B’ 4658/22.10.2020, European framework).

In addition, RAE Decision 76/2007 has defined specific disclosure obligations for issues that are not covered in detail in the System Operation Code.

RAE Acts

  • June 2010 – Report on the publication of data concerning the operation of the Transmission System
  • July 2008 – RAE Decision 76/2007 (in Greek), Ενέργειας Publication of Electricity Trading System data


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