Information on the geographical distribution of Greece’s renewable energy infrastructure can be found in the application: RAE GeoPortal Map

RAE GeoPortal Map was developed in the context of the implementation of the Geospatial Information Infrastructure (GII). The implementation of the GII is part of the wider policy of upgrading RAE’s digital services. The main objective is the adoption of principles of open access and interoperability in the provision of information.

The data have been developed by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) using the 1/50,000 scale cartographic backgrounds provided by the Hellenic Military Geographical Service (GYS).

The position of the geospatial objects (wind farms, wind turbines, etc.), as they are depicted in the other available cartographic backgrounds (Google Maps, Open Street Map, etc.) is indicative and may deviate from their actual position, which has be double-checked for its correctness according to the information available to GYS.

The GeoPortal Map is, in addition to being an online cartographic application (WebGIS), a valuable tool that allows the possible utilization of the Geospatial Information Infrastructures of other entities both nationally and internationally, promoting interoperability by using internationally recognized and established standards.