Independent Natural Gas System (INGS)

According to Article 74 par. 1 of Law 4001/2011 (Gazette A’ 179), only license holders have the right to construct or operate, or in the case of an underground storage facility, utilize the Independent Natural Gas System. System license is provided only to legal entities after RAE’s decision and in case of construction and ownership rights on transmission system are embedded in the license, only companies included in Article 1 of Directive 2009/101/EC, according to the provisions of the Licensing Regulation for Natural Gas.

Based on the same Regulation, RAE provides the licenses for system operation. The operation and exploitation of the Independent Natural Gas System is permitted to those who hold an operation license. In case of operation, exploitation and development of the Independent Natural Gas System, the candidate Operator should be certified according to Directive 2009/73/EC.