Gasela GmbH 13_01_2014

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Ανάρτηση της από 20-12-2013 δημοσίευσης της αίτησης της «Gasela GmbH» στις εφημερίδες «Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ» και «KATHIMERINI», σύμφωνα με τη διάταξη της παρ. 3 του άρθρου 7 του Κανονισμού Αδειών Φυσικού Αερίου (ΦΕΚ Β΄ 464/19.04.2010).


Gasela GmbH registered at the address Wipplingerstrasse 29/10, 1010 Vienna, Austria and lawfully represented, hereby announces that it submitted on 12.12.2013 to the Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) an application for the grant to Gasela GmbH of a Natural Gas Supply Authorisation within the Greek territory, according to law 4001/2011 and the Natural Gas Authorizations’ Regulation (FEK B’ 464 19/4/2010). Whoever justifi es legal interest, has the right to submit to RAE any objections regarding the submitted application, according to the provisions of the current legislation within a period of thirty (30) days from the publication of the present announcement.»

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